Udderly SMOOth® Moisturising Cream

The Active Barrier Cream


Last Updated on 2007-11-27


We supply a number of private hospitals, clinics and organisations.

Please send your purchase order to Switch Technology, online retailer of Udderly SMOOth® at 10 Mile Elm, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1JJ

or email to sales@udderly-smooth.com

detailing quanities and sizes required.

Postage rates as follows

up to £ 10 £2 p&p

£10 to £ 20 £4 p&p

£20 to £ 50 £10 p&p

over £50 or international orders £20

and have Udderly SMOOth® Moisturising Cream delivered direct to your organisation.


Udderly SMOOth® is distributed in the UK by Glanford Ltd
Switch Technology is located in Marlow, Bucks, United Kingdom

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